Natječaj za dodjelu stipendija Republike Francuske u akademskoj 2024/2025

To benefit from a scholarship based on social criteria, candidates must be under 28 years old on September 1 of the academic year for a first scholarship application. At the start of the academic year, they must have a French baccalaureate or an equivalent qualification. Interested parties must submit their Student Social File (DSE) before May 31 for a scholarship and/or accommodation for the following academic year.

Higher education scholarships (reserved for students enrolled in initial training in a public or private educational establishment and in training authorized to receive scholarships) are awarded based on the expenses and income of the parents and/or the student assessed against a national scale defined by the Ministry in charge of higher education and research, published each year in the Official Journal. This scale determines the overall gross income giving entitlement to a grant (scales from 0 to 7) based on the cost points applicable to families taking into account their situation.

Application procedure – The scholarship application must be made before May 31 for a scholarship and/or accommodation for the following academic year to benefit from a scholarship and/or accommodation for the September/October 2024 academic year.

French students or future students residing abroad who wish to continue their studies in France (mainland, DOM, COM) and apply for a higher education scholarship and/or accommodation can complete the “student social file” (DSE) by electronically via the portal Services section or directly on

The student must enter his file by choosing as the original academy the one which corresponds to his first university wish.

After registration/validation of the request, the CROUS of the academy concerned sends the file to the student by email (within 48 hours). The latter must complete his file with the elements he has and send it to the address indicated in the file.

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