Project Coordinator for the AYL – Job Advertisment

Dear Prospective Candidates,

Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL), a youth-led and youth-established German non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting youth projects in the Western Balkans since 1992, is extending an invitation to individuals who resonate with our vision. Rooted in educational initiatives, our primary mission revolves around empowering the younger generation to emerge as active and conscientious citizens within a society founded on equitable norms.

With a three-decade legacy, SHL has evolved into a pivotal youth foundation, orchestrating a diverse spectrum of activities encompassing education, funding, mobility, mentorship, and capacity-building. Our endeavors are meticulously tailored to the requisites of the youth demographic, fostering their active engagement in community development.

Presently, we are in search of a dynamic individual to undertake the role of Project Coordinator for the Academy for Young Leaders in Civil Society.

The responsibilities associated with this role are as follows:

  • Academy for Young Leaders in Civil Society: Devising, conceptualizing, organizing, and executing the Academy for Young Leaders in Civil Society in collaboration with management and program personnel, while adhering comprehensively to SHL’s strategic objectives.
  • Navigating the pre-award to post-award phases of the Academy’s administration, encompassing project proposal composition, financial and programmatic execution, compliance in post-award reporting, and deadline adherence.
  • Alignment with the Schüler Helfen Leben Strategy and Annual Work Plans.
  • Providing comprehensive guidance and support to Academy participants, ensuring seamless communication and assistance throughout their program engagement.
  • Collaborating closely with educators and trainers affiliated with the Academy, maintaining open lines of communication and offering continuous support during program involvement.
  • Monitoring grants designated for Academy participants, as well as sub-award expenditures, conducting financial analyses periodically, either independently or in coordination with the Grants Officer when necessary.
  • Guaranteeing the fulfillment of objectives pertaining to the Academy’s activities, budget allocation, resources, and targets.
  • Supervising the workflow concerning documentation, electronic correspondence, and paper-based communication associated with activities, expenditures, and contractual matters.
  • Formulating and producing relevant program materials, such as booklets and manuals.
  • Advocating for and promoting the goals of the Academy.
  • Generating routine reports, analyzing data, and interpreting results systematically.
  • Upholding adherence to organizational guidelines and policies.


  • Continual development of innovative concepts, ideas, and projects that harmonize with the organization’s mission and vision.
  • Identification and cultivation of relationships with potential benefactors.
  • Preparation and revision of necessary documentation for grant applications, including conceptual letters and project proposals.
  • Formulation of materials, such as mailshots, for direct outreach to current and prospective donors.

Collaboration within the SHL Team:

  • Active involvement in conceptualizing projects and ideas that harmonize with the Foundation’s mission and vision, tailored to the needs of the youth demographic.
  • Periodic evaluation of work processes and activities within one’s purview.
  • Cooperation in generating monthly, semi-annual, and annual reports.
  • Thorough documentation of all activities within the incumbent’s domain of responsibility.


  • Minimum of two years’ experience as an education program/project coordinator, youth program/project coordinator, or equivalent, preferably within the NGO sector and/or non-formal education/activism domain.
  • Diligence, accountability, and demonstrated ability to manage concurrent projects and meet deadlines.
  • Proficiency in organizational skills, self-initiative, resilience, precision, dependability, and adaptability within a professional context.
  • Aptitude for collaborating with and mentoring young individuals.
  • Proficiency in fundraising techniques and budget management.
  • Familiarity with financial principles and practices.
  • Acquaintance with project cycle management.
  • Capacity and enthusiasm for conceptual and strategic thinking.
  • Sound administrative competencies.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication proficiencies, autonomy, and adeptness in teamwork.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Interest and capability to work harmoniously in a multi-national/ethnic environment.
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license, a minimum of two years of driving experience, and readiness for frequent travel within BiH.
  • Fluent knowledge of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian languages (eliminatory criterion).
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English (minimum B2 level).

Preference will be given to candidates possessing:

  • Experience with non-formal/formal education as a tool for fostering youth activism.
  • Command of the German language.

The role requires a full-time commitment, encompassing 40 working hours per week, and can be filled at the earliest convenience. The initial probationary period extends for three months, followed by a definitive employment contract.

Interested candidates are requested to submit their comprehensive application in the form of a PDF document in English no later than 01 October 2023, employing the subject line “Project Coordinator Academy job application” ( The application should encompass:

  • A motivation letter (maximum one page), detailing the candidate’s suitability for the role and elucidating their personal motivations. Furthermore, the candidate’s perspective on education, particularly in the context of leadership education as a conduit for youth activism, should be expounded.
  • An updated curriculum vitae, accompanied by a recent photograph.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Scanned copies of pertinent educational certificates from schools and universities.

Candidates shortlisted for further consideration will be contacted promptly after the application deadline.

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