We the Youth Online Hackathon

An open call for young activists and changemakers: We the Youth Hackathon will take place on 11-13 December! Bring your voice to help strengthen youth organizations and influence decision-making on issues affecting young people!

The event will bring together young activists and youth organizations to address the following questions:

1. How can youth organizations become more inclusive, effective, and collaborative in mobilizing young people and addressing youth issues with a focus on disadvantaged youth?

2. How can young activists hold policymakers accountable in delivering their promises to young people?- What can young activists/youth organizations do in order their voices to influence sustainable development agenda?


The hackathon is organized by ATÖLYE and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in partnership with Y-PEER and PETRI-Sofia.
Visit wetheyouth.co to find out more and apply today! 

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